Huger, Preserving Memories

Love is in the Air!


 Not sure if it was the hot weather or what but so many of my friends children got engaged last week!!! Huger Memories can create an heirloom quality wedding gift for that special couple!

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A Trip Collage

If any of you follow me on social media, you know that Jimmy and I have recently returned from a great tip!  A European Cruise that started in Venice, Italy and went to Croatia, Turkey, and two stops on different Greek Islands.  It was fabulous and we had many fun and interesting adventures along the way. I love making photo books on my MacBook and being the artist that I am, I wanted to try something new! A collage of sorts on a blue background...
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Spring Has Sprung

With graduations, weddings and spring in general, the gift giving season is upon us! And have we got the best idea for you! We know its always hard to come up with a new and different idea, but here you have it...
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