Huger, Preserving Memories

Introducing Southern Blooms Collection

The world is unsettled. Tragedies seem to occur each day. The acrimonious presidential election will dominate the newspaper and network news in the coming months.

However, at Huger we are focussing on the good things in life. There is no better way to do that than to appreciate the beauty all around us.

Southern Blooms we love... A pleasant and needed distraction amidst the summer heat and the world's strife.

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US Open and Father's Day


Hope you are enjoying watching the US Open on this Father's Day weekend. It's certainly on at our house! Ever since I remember, it's been an important part of this weekend. (Though, has it always been on Father's Day Weekend????)  As a child visiting my grandparents, I remember the comforting hum of the golf commentators. 

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Memorial Day and Embroidered Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is here which is THE start of summer! Great opportunity for lots of memorable moments!!! Many have asked and emailed me what would be a good subject to have custom embroidered?  In our new website, we have created a gallery to help you with ideas.  Just about anything can be created as a custom design!! Check out our new Gallery! (Link on right sidebar.) Lots of ideas from past projects.  And we are always up for new ideas!
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