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From famous first ladies to media moguls to style mavens, Huger brings your favorite heroines to you. Limited availability. (Only women pictured below are available.)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pillow
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pillow Custom Order
Oprah Pillow
Oprah Pillow $ 369.00
Frida Kahlo Pillow
Frida Kahlo Pillow $ 399.00
Iris Apfel Pillow
Iris Apfel Pillow $ 399.00
Dolly Parton Pillow
Dolly Parton Pillow $ 379.00
Coco Pillow
Coco Pillow $ 389.00
Barbara Bush Pillow
Barbara Bush Pillow $ 379.00
Grace Kelly Pillow
Grace Kelly Pillow $ 369.00
Maya Angelou Pillow
Maya Angelou Pillow $ 389.00
Lucille Ball Pillow
Lucille Ball Pillow $ 379.00
Marilyn Monroe Pillow
Marilyn Monroe Pillow $ 379.00
Jackie Kennedy Pillow
Jackie Kennedy Pillow $ 369.00
Julia Child Pillow
Julia Child Pillow $ 389.00
Queen Elizabeth II Pillow
Queen Elizabeth II Pillow $ 389.00
Michelle Obama Pillow
Michelle Obama Pillow $ 389.00
Cher Pillow
Cher Pillow $ 389.00
Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin $ 389.00