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Movie stars and their characters, to artists and musicians, Huger brings our favorite men home. Limited availability. (Only men pictured below are available.)

Mick Jagger Pillow
Mick Jagger Pillow $ 379.00
Clint Eastwood Pillow
Clint Eastwood Pillow $ 399.00
Karl Lagerfeld Pillow
Karl Lagerfeld Pillow $ 389.00
John Lennon Pillow
John Lennon Pillow $ 379.00
Elton John Pillow
Elton John Pillow $ 399.00
Pablo Picasso Pillow
Pablo Picasso Pillow $ 369.00
Salvador Dali Pillow
Salvador Dali Pillow $ 389.00
Harry Styles Pillow
Harry Styles Pillow $ 369.00