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A Big Day for the Gorman Family

Thanks again, Anne, for letting me be a part of your lives for a very small period of time while I created these pieces for you and Eva. Engagments are extra special during Covid. It looks like your future son and law chose the perfect day!

Below is from a Christmas card from your sister ten years ago

Hopefully this pillow will bring back memories of happy times.

Past Projects

We have created many together. Most recently one that celebrated your birthday. Before that was a trip to Portugal. (I remember the striped shirts and the wonderful domes in the background.) One for your parents down in Florida, (there was a palm tree I recall??) with their dog. Another gift for them with the names of pets they have loved through the years in a cross word puzzle design. Another one with names of family members on a sign post, depicting distances away from where they live. And several others. I hope you enjoy looking back at your projects. I certainly have loved reliving the memory of creating each of them for you.

I look forward to the next one... Wedding perhaps ? :)

Fondly, Sarah