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Carol, We are having a good time!

After discovering our RBG and Dolly Parton pillows we decided to create some custom pieces. Isabelle's entry into teenagedom (13th), as a special gift for her birthday. And from the looks of it she is very pleased with the blue and yellow provincial fabric we chose for her pillow. A most memorable "shelter at home" birthday and hopefully the ONLY one she will have!!

Next, it's Daniel's turn. A trip down memory lane to a great family trip to Mexico. A visit to a clothing shop with hats was most memorable.

Josephine and Grayson are next. They are sure to have great memories of sharing a Pina Colada together!

I love each of these pieces. Simple moments in the lives of your grandchildren. (And hopefully updated with reactions in the new year!)

Sarah Wiley 11/2020