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Personal Portfolio fo You!

Hi Mary! We've had fun working on several projects together. Most recently the anniversary gift for your friends! 50 years of marriage!! We both know that is a huge feat to accomplish!!! (My sweet Dad made the comment at one of his anniversaries to his second wife, "I've been married for 50 years". He acknowledged that the 50 years were not to the same woman... but he had been MARRIED for 50 years. We can both hope for that possibly...)

Four Westies!~!!!

You, being the westie lover, I have a special place for the first we created together; the one of your friend's four Westies. ("Cousins" to my Cairns...) All with their own personalities. And best of all I got to meet you at a trunk show in Aberdeen to deliver it to you :) And we created a second one of this one too! We may have made a few changes...

Your Sweet Dad

We used HIS shirts that made it extra special. And didn't we do at least two?? I could only find the one photo, however...

And, lest we forget your friend's pup, 'Scooter'.

And I cannot wait to create the next one!! xoxo, Sarah