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Dear Sharon, what a fabulous Christmas season it was for me to work with you on all of these goodies for your children and your husband's children and their families. Remember your initial questioning, way back when on Quinn's portrait and her "fat" belly? I think you get the process now... I thank you for your trust and faith in me to create these for everyone!

Carrie's Family

And I know we still need to create one of Carrie and her DAD!! Sorry we didn't get that together in time!!!

Quinn and River

I'm so glad we chose this image of Quinn with River. When she is older, walking the dog will be such a chore. Maybe she will remember the fun she had with her dog when she was a wee one :)

Heidi and Billy love to travel!

Celebrating only one of their favorite trips! Argentina.

Inspired by your favorite photograph of the two.

"They both look so happy!" says you!

A combination of photographs and several "adjustments" were used to create A and J with their "fur babies", Miller and Chew-Chew in their laps. And below them is Kim's family. We both know how hard it is to get the whole family together. Especially during the pandemic. My hope for you is that during this year, 2021, you will be able to spend some much needed time with all of your family members... in person and not on Zoom calls!

And the first one we created of Quinn. Thanks for believing in me, Sharon :)

And I can't wait to create the next one!! xoxo, Sarah