Play Ground Memories

Play Ground Memories

“How do you like to go up in a swing, up in the air so blue” by Robert Louis Stevenson was one of my favorite childhood poems. I loved the swing at our lower school playground. It was the type that swooped. I sat on it sideways and rode it like a horse. Certainly you remember??

The high slide, the one where you could swing back and forth on the railings, and then plop down on the metal ramp and enjoy a big swoosh!

Jungle Gym-
My grandparents had a big metal one at the bottom of their hillside. It must have been my Mom’s. It was old. So much fun to hang by my knees upside-down.

See Saw-
“Margery Daw”... Who is Margery Daw? We all said it? Up and down I would push with my legs. Sometimes so hard, trying to make my sister bounce.

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