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Combining Garment District Finds

I spent a week out in CA a week or so ago.  Good time visiting with family especially my own three children.  As they get older it's hard to get us all together!!

The last full day I decided to brave the 12 lane interstate in my rented Ford Flex to downtown LA and the garment district.  Boy is it something to see!  Lots of junk. Lots of people. But oh what a great time digging for treasures! My new friend Carlos helped me cut yards of fabrics.  His mom helped me with some wonderful sequined trim.  I also found some interesting buttons and Liberty of London prints.
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It's A New Year!

It's A New Year!
Happy New Year to All!

Christmas was a busy season for me! As I know it was for you too!!! Why does so much activity and hecticity have to fall in the short period between Thanksgiving and New Years?  I wish it could be spread out a bit?!?!

I thank so many of you for your orders this Christmas season!  I hope there were a lot of happy smiles and memories evoked when family members and friends opened their gift Christmas morning. I shared a lot of them on Instagram and Facebook.  Check them out and would love for you to share :)

This new year I hope to broaden myself.  Hence this musing in my newsletter:

I went to the VMFA the other day.  I had let my membership expire. For me, being a member of the museum is a must. I remember going to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as a little girl with my grandmother. It was so exciting to get to see the mummies down in the catacomb exhibit. (Unfortunately that exhibit is no longer.) And the Faberge Eggs... And then to have lunch in the "members only" dining room was such a treat.  You no longer have to be a member to go to the dining rooms but the "members only" is a special memory I have because I was with my grandmother...

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Happy Thanks Giving

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

       Happy Thanksgiving week to you!!  Don't worry, I am not going to bombard you with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thankful Tuesday or Wonderful Wednesday Emails. However, I will say to you, old and recent followers to this newsletter, a huge thank you!!!  For your interest in my art and your being there.  You are who make what I do worthwhile. THANK YOU!  

     And because I was asked about what kind of discount I could offer for this Christmas season, I have decided that I will give 20% of my proceeds on Cyber Monday to Salvation Army Angel Tree.  While my aim is to preserve memories for all of us, I like to think that I can help, in a small way, by making someone's Christmas just a little bit more memorable... So send me some of your favorite photos and let's see what we can do.  

     At this point I am still accepting orders for Christmas delivery :)

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A Trip Collage

If any of you follow me on social media, you know that Jimmy and I have recently returned from a great tip!  A European Cruise that started in Venice, Italy and went to Croatia, Turkey, and two stops on different Greek Islands.  It was fabulous and we had many fun and interesting adventures along the way. I love making photo books on my MacBook and being the artist that I am, I wanted to try something new! A collage of sorts on a blue background...
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