Process and Ordering

For Framed or Stuffed Memories:

     Find a photograph, or several of your dog, a special friend or family member, a favorite room, your child's artwork or an invitation you want to always remember. Please provide the highest resolution possible.

   Text or Email it to us (804) 304.8808 or 

     Give us an idea of colors and fabrics. Some customers choose to send along scraps of fabric with their photo(s). Or let us surprise you!

     Thank you for your patience. We can usually meet special deadlines, but we appreciate your understanding that the creative process often takes time.

     And always feel free to call me if you have any questions.  (804) 304.8808.

     Call for pricing information.


What We Do:

    Once commissioned, Sarah works with her client - through conversation and photographs - to ensure she captures the look and feel of the concept. Special details, re: eye color, facial aspects, specific hair detail, etc are requested. She draws on her computer and chooses all stitches and areas of applique. She then sends a computer generated mock up to her client for design clarity and approval. Once approved, Sarah selects fabric for applique and cotton thread to bring color and life to the drawing. Then she stitches the design on a fabric background that will then be either sewn into a pillow, (standard cost included in price. See Custom Product Pricing), or framed either by you or by our reputable framer in Richmond (additional charge applies).

For Custom Monograms:

    First, schedule a meeting - in person or by phone. We'll discuss your style, your color preferences, what you envision and what you'll use the monogram for. You'll have an opportunity to see other monograms to identify styles you prefer and those you don't. Remember that the final product has limitless possibilities - from stitched linens to stationery.

"Pricing Information" Base pricing for 2-letter and 3-letter monograms is $150 and 4-letter monograms begin at $200. These prices include consultation time, up to three rounds of design, and a final stitchable monogram. Additional design rounds, if needed, are $50 each. Designs can then be translated for print (.ai and .jpg), for an extra fee based on the usage. These base prices reflect most monogram styles but can be subject to change depending upon complexity of the work. Price quotes are available upon request. Your satisfaction is important.



Payment and Guarantee:

For custom orders, please request the cost and Sarah will send you an invoice which can be paid by check, credit card or with paypal.

If you are not totally satisfied, we will refund your money or recreate your custom piece for you at no additional charge.