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Men We Love

From Hollywood Superstars to other Admired Men we have loved, Sarah spent several years creating these popular pillows.  No longer creating them, below is what is left of her collection.  Grab them now as there will be no more.  Please check availability as fabric choice may be different from what is shown.

Clint Eastwood Pillow
Clint Eastwood Pillow $ 399.00
Elton John Pillow
Elton John Pillow $ 399.00
Mick Jagger Pillow
Mick Jagger Pillow $ 379.00
Karl Lagerfeld Pillow
Karl Lagerfeld Pillow $ 389.00
John Lennon Pillow
John Lennon Pillow $ 379.00
Salvador Dali Pillow
Salvador Dali Pillow $ 389.00
Pablo Picasso Pillow
Pablo Picasso Pillow $ 369.00
Harry Styles Pillow
Harry Styles Pillow $ 369.00